White Suffolks


We started breeding White Suffolks in 1993 and established with sheep from “Galaxy Park”, “Lochstock” and “Fingerpost” studs in South Australia, together with our own Suffolk ewes.  Other genetics introduced have been predominantly by A.I. with most recent additions “Spring Valley 09/ 0156” and “Premier 12/ P001”.


Most commercial rams are sold into our local area where their progeny are mainly marketed at trade and heavy trade weights, at either suckers or at post weaning age, under a variety of finishing systems.  To supply this market we aim to breed a quick maturing ram, which will grow on to heavier weights.


We do show at times but to date irregularly and only in small numbers.  Nevertheless, we have shown with success.  Notably several White Suffolk Feature Show Champions, together with Champion and Reserve Champion awards at the Royal Geelong Show.


Current Sires

We believe strongly in linebreeding for consistency and reliability and so use a number of homebred sires, in conjunction with carefully introduced A.I. sires.  We also aim to trial our top ram lambs each year.


 Boomer & Radio Active

Top 2013 rams – Boomer & Radio Active

Premier fixedPremier

All sires DNA tested negative for Hypotricchosis.

In 2014 we have used by A.I. “Premier 12/ P001” – born 29/05/12 weighed in at the Bendigo Elite White Suffolk Show and Sale September 2013,  at 134.5 kgs with a 51mm eye muscle depth and a 8.5mm fat depth.